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Henry Hill's Story:

Henry Hill was obsessed with two things – being a gangster and being a cook. Henry was an associate of the notorious Lucchese crime family in New York as a young man and whose life was immortalized in the book Wiseguy, written by crime reporter Nicholas Pileggi, and the 1990 Martin Scorsese movie Goodfellas, in which Hill was played by actor Ray Liotta. Henry eventually entered the witness protection program and testified against the mob – sending more than 50 mobsters to prison.


The GoodFellasFoods Story:

Marie Jones and Henry Hill met in 2004 in the small restaurant Marie operated in Nebraska.  After a rocky initial meeting, Henry and Marie became friends.  After much cajoling from Marie, Henry agreed to help Marie with a total makeover of the little restaurant.  Henry designed the menu and recipes creating a small, authentic Italian restaurant.  When word got out about the famous ex-mobster doings at The Firefly, customers come from far and wide proclaiming Henry’s meals as “the best marinara we have ever tasted", and asked "Why don’t you bottle this stuff?”  When Henry ran out of excuses, they decided to do just that, and GoodFellasFoods was born. Henry’ Hills marinara  “Sunday Gravy” has quickly become a favorite among Italian food lovers.


Lance Roelle and Ron Tipa have also joined the business and are both passionate about bringing Henry’s recipes to the world!



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The High Tech Society is a blog about, and dedicated to, technology. With articles ranging from the mundane to the extraordinary, they cover a full range of tech subjects including how-to’s, reviews, informative articles, and DIY tips and tricks. Their experienced team of writers are based around the world, allowing them to tell their stories from the viewpoint of the readers and consumers, wherever they are located. As a result, they are able to create a dynamic range of articles covering topics including science, new technology, gadgets, phones, games, reviews, and even concepts. Why? Because they believe that technology is the future of our world.


About the Founder 

The High Tech Society was founded in 2012 by founder and entrepreneur Kimberly Carver. After earning her degree in journalism, she turned to work online as a stay at home mom and quickly realized that while she was an expert in technology, very few websites would grant her credit for her work. Her website, The High Tech Society, allows her and her writers to write on the topics they are passionate about and receive credit for that work. While the website is not part of a feminist movement, many of her writers are female, and acknowledged as such, which is a groundbreaking step forward in proving that women belong in technology. Many of her writers are also men, adding balance of opinion and writing style to the website. You can read more of her and TheHighTechSociety’s story here.



Their goal is to enlighten, inform, and educate. The articles are intended to be helpful rather than confusing and most are written from a consumer’s viewpoint. All reviews are of technology used by the writer, and are honest. If they do not like it, they say so. The topics vary but they always strive to provide useful, truthful information in everything on the website.




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